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February 09 - 2021

The Aviation Museum Sharjah

Explore the history of flight at the first airport in the UAE!
The Aviation Museum Sharjah is an iconic landmark that has unique collectibles that narrate the history of aviation.

In the 1930s, the airport was the staging post for commercial flight routes from Britain to India. From man’s first attempts to fly to landing on the moon, explore the history of flight and the development of aviation in this region at the museum.

You might also be interested in discovering Sharjah Classic Cars Museum’s vintage masterpieces.

Get the opportunity to watch an interesting film about the daily life at the airport during the 1930s, and experience the first-hand fascinating period of Sharjah’s history. The original propeller planes, fully restored, stand guard in the hangar alongside the original refueling tanker.

It also has a collection of old airplane models and flight equipment. The first plane to land in Mahatta airstrip named the Hanno is on display in the museum.

Interestingly, the set up for the first movie house in the Arabian Gulf was in the Mahatta fort. This cinema, tiny compared to modern-day multiplexes, is a fascinating part of the display. Chairs are empty kerosene cans half-filled with sand—travelers who stayed in the fort for the stop over watched short movies and documentaries on this screen.

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